Depression looks different for everyone, and it can be tough to identify. However, there are some common signs and symptoms that can help you figure out whether depression is affecting you:

Low Mood

Depression is usually characterised by a low mood that lasts two weeks or more. Low mood can mean persistent feelings of sadness, low self-worth, or hopelessness. You may also feel more irritable or easily frustrated than usual.

Motivation and Energy Struggles

You might find that you just can’t concentrate at work, or that you’re incredibly tired throughout the day. It might also be hard to focus, and your brain might be wandering or feel ‘blank’.

Disinterest and Withdrawing

If you find your favourite hobbies don’t excite you very much anymore, or you can’t muster up the energy to hang out with even your closest friends, this could also be a sign of depression.

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Depression is tough to face alone.

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