Beginning the conversation about mental health can be scary and overwhelming. It is important that when talking about mental health, everyone feels safe and comfortable. Our principal psychologist, Mary Magalotti has some tips on how to begin the conversation about mental health and wellbeing. Here at Life Resolutions, our Director, Jodie Brenton works to make mental health information easily accessible.

Tips For Mental Health Conversations

Choose a quiet and safe location: Choosing a location that is comfortable for both parties can help create a safe environment to talk about mental health. Choosing somewhere that is free from interruption and major distraction is a great place to start.

Be truthful about your concern: If you are worried about a loved one, it is important to voice your concerns in a supportive and empathetic way. Remind them you are here to listen to them and support them through this time. Something like this could be the push they need to open up – but don’t pressure them if they don’t quite feel ready.

Let them know you’re there to talk: Letting your loved one know that you are there for them is more helpful than you may think. Allow your friend to lead conversation and offer your support by acknowledging their struggles and offering to be there when they’re feeling down. During this conversation you can encourage them to seek professional help.

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If you or someone you know is struggling, remember that help and support is available. You can talk to the Life Resolutions team at our Essendon counselling centre, or online or over the phone.

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