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How To Connect With Others During COVID-19

If you feel lonely in the time of lockdown, you are not the only one. With recent technology, there are many ways to connect with people and make new friends, even during the quarantine. We’ve listed out a few ways to get you started.

Life Resolutions’ Five Ideas For Making Friends During Lockdown:

1. Stay in touch with old friends – remember those old friends from school or work that you slowly drifted apart? Why not reach out? Check-in with how they’re going with social isolation and what is new in their life. Quite often, reconnecting with old friends is far more comfortable than making new connections as you already have a basis of friendship and trust – making them the perfect contender for a social isolation friendship!

2. Download mobile apps – with the Internet, making friends is a lot easier now. There are plenty of apps or website for people to connect with others all around the world. To make new friends online, you can join Facebook groups according to your interests and make friends with like-minded people. Even with friends making mobile apps, such as Bumble BFFSkout, or Hey!VINA can be useful for making new friends. These resources are a great way to make friends outside of your usual circle and to connect with more like-minded people.

3. Form friendships with acquaintances – we all have a couple of people in our lives that we want to become closer with but don’t see enough of, this is the perfect time to reach out to them! Just sending a simple message to an acquaintance can put you on the path of friendship, they’re likely craving new friendships and the opportunity to socialise just like you!

4. Ask your friends or family members to “friend match” you – people always set their loved ones up romantically, so why not ask them for a friendly setup! Let your loved ones know that you’re looking to expand your circle and would like to connect to more people. Maybe, they’ll very likely have a potential friend in mind.

5. Make new friends with people in your “lockdown life” – do you get on well with your local barista? Are you starting to see your neighbour a little more often? Why not work at connecting more deeply with these people that are already present in your daily lockdown life? Ask them to join you for a virtual coffee or wine, or even just put more effort into getting to know them during your socially distanced encounters, you may get along better than you’d expect!

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