Anxiety is a common issue affecting children today.The Australian Government reported that in 2015, almost 7% of Australians aged 4-17 experienced an anxiety disorder.Anxiety can be tough to manage alone, so seek professional support if you are worried about your child.

Understanding the Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety presents differently in children than it does in adults and is characterised by worry and fear that causes distress. There are a few key traits that are often seen in children suffering from anxiety –

  • Clinginess and always staying close to you or another ‘safe’ adult.
  • Fear about going outside or to unfamiliar environments.
  • Trouble joining in play with other children and having difficulties making friends.
  • Problems with sleep or frequent nightmares.

Anxiety can make it difficult for children to adjust socially, and their education can suffer too. It is important to monitor your child’s mannerisms and behaviours as they often cannot vocalise their concerns.

Life Resolutions Mental Health Services for Children

Mary Magalotti and Jodie Brenton have many years of facilitating psychological support for children, and they know how difficult anxiety can be to manage.

Here at Life Resolutions, our professionals are specialists in working with children using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, which involves helping the child alter their thought processes to decrease anxiety around new situations and events. There is also an emphasis on working with families to implement anxiety-reducing techniques at home.

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To learn more about the work we do at Life Resolutions, the journeys of our CEO and Founder,Jodie Brenton, and our Principal Psychologist, Mary Magalotti,contact the team here.Jodie Brenton and Mary Magalottiwelcome your questions and can also provide more information on their life’s work.