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Jodie Brenton has personally devoted over 15 years to aid psychologists in their private practices throughout the country. Jodie Brenton is the current CEO & Director of Life Resolutions. She met Mary Magalotti and founded Life Resolutions in 2001 with the goal of improving the accessibility and availability of mental health services in Australia. This was done by reducing the admin work that she found private practice psychologists had to deal with after working with them for many years. She found that much time was wasted doing paperwork when this time could be spent with patients or clients that need mental health services. With Life Resolutions, Jodie Brenton is responsible for creating solutions in the private practice field by creating enhancements in private practice systems, administration, and marketing operations.

Jodie Brenton – Director story

As trained psychologists should be working with their clients & patients, a lot of their time is taken up by administrative work. The solution to this was created by Jodie with the idea of Life Resolutions being a psychology franchise. With the idea of franchises, Jodie’s vision of providing more mental healthcare to Australians became a reality. Additionally, Jodie was able to make these psychological services more available to Australians with over 50 franchises throughout the country. Life Resolution franchises can be found in the following cities: Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, and Canberra to try and provide access to as many Australians as possible. Jodie Brenton Life Resolutions has vast amounts of business & psychology knowledge in many different areas including psychological assessment, clinical psychology, counselling, stress management, psychotherapy, strategic business planning, and team building.

Jodie Brenton recognizes that still many people today don’t treat mental health as a serious matter. There is still a stigma around the issue of mental health. With the creation of Life Resolutions, Jodie wanted to combat these two issues. As a business owner herself, Jodie fully understands the stress that work & work environments can have on people. There are many people who don’t value the state of their mental health and it is often taken less seriously than physical health. Jodie wanted to change the way people view & how seriously people view mental health concerns. This is one of the reasons the Life Resolutions psychology franchise firm was created in 2001. Jodie wants to ensure that Australians, no matter their age or background, are able to receive a high quality of counselling & professional psychological care.

Mary Magalotti & Jodie Brenton

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