Could you be Dealing with a Binge Eating Disorder?

When people think of eating disorders, they generally think of conditions like anorexia and bulimia, but binge eating disorder is another condition that can result in negative health outcomes, both mentally and physically.

Lots of people choose to cope with a difficult day by comfort eating, but it can be destructive in many ways. At Life Resolutions, we offer specialistsupport for those suffering from binge eating disorder.

Mary Magalotti on Identifying Binge Eating Disorders

Someone is considered to have a binge eating disorderwhen they often consume large amounts of food during a distinct period, and what they eat is considered more than an normal amount to eat. Since overeating is common, and lots of people engage in it sometimes, binge eating disorder can be hard to identify.

Signs of a binge eating disorders can include,eating quite rapidly, continuing to eat once you are full, or feeling like you cannot control what or how much you eat.

Someone suffering from a binge eating disorder will experience considerable distress surrounding their eating. You might choose to eat only when you are alone or be embarrassed when eating around others. You might feel disgusted with yourself once you have finished a meal, but then continue to eat in order to feel better, and thus the destructive cycle continues.

Binge eating can be a particularly difficult illness to cope with, and you may be experiencing shame and embarrassment, butMary Magalotti, Jodie Brenton and the team at Life Resolutions offer specialised and non-judgemental mental health services to help get you back on the path to wellness.

Seek Support with Life Resolutions

If you have a negative relationship with food and feel like you may have an eating disorder, remember that support is available. Our team of passionate professionals are here to provide you withsupport for mental health issues you may be facing. We are currently offering Telehealth servicesalong with face-to-face consultationsto allow our clients to access our services from the comfort of their own home. So, if you are experiencing patterns of disordered eating,contact our friendly team today andbook an appointment.

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